My List

Adopt A Child [ ]
Ask For A Raise [x]

Be A Better Listener [x]
Be A Bridesmaid [x]
Be A Maid Of Honor [x]
Be Able To Do Lotus Pose [ ]
Be Able To Touch My Toes [x]
Be An Influencer [ ]
Be Fluent In Calligraphy [ ]
Be Fluent In Hand Lettering [ ]
Be Fluent In Italian [ ]
Be Fluent In Spanish [ ]
Be More Dependable [x]
Be On The ‘Kiss Cam’ [ ]
Be Truly Surprised [x]
Become A Morning Person [ ]
Believe In ‘Romantic’ Love [x]
Build An Igloo [x]
Bury A Time Capsule [ ]
Buy Lunch For A Stranger [x]
Carve Initials Into A Tree [x]
Celebrate May Day [x]
Change Or Make A Law [ ]
Climb A Lookout Tower [x]
Climb To The Top Of A Rock Wall [ ]
Complete Full Sweat with Kayla Program [ ]
Create A Bullet Journal [ ]
Create A Capsule Wardrobe [ ]
Dance In The Rain [x]
Do A Color Run [x]
Do A Proper Cart-Wheel [x]
Do Relay For Life [ ]
Do The Polar Bear Plunge [x]
[ ]
Drink From A Natural Spring [x]
Drink More Water [x]
Drive A Golf Cart [x]
Earn My Associates Degree [x]
Enjoy A Beach Bon Fire [ ]
Experience Front Row At A Concert [x]
Explore Minimalism [ ]
Fall In Love [x]
Fall In Love Again [x]
Feel Confident In A Bikini [ ]
Find A Geocache [ ]
Float A River [x]
Fly First Class [x]
Fly In A Helicopter [ ]

Go To A Seahawks Game [x]
Go Whale Watching [x]
Go White Water Rafting [x]
Go Zip Lining [x]
Go Zorbing [ ]
Have A Food Fight [ ]
Have A Single On iTunes [ ]
Have A Spa Day With My BFFs [x]
Have A Water Balloon Fight [ ]
Have An Article Published [ ]
Have Children Of Our Own [ ]
Have My Own Website [x]
Hide A Geocache [ ]
Hold A Butterfly [x]
Join A Band [x]
Kiss Under Mistletoe [x]
Leave A Note In A Random Book [ ]
Leave My Favorite Book Somewhere [ ]

[ ] Make $1 Million+ Per Year Online
[x] Make A Playlist For Everything
[x] Make An Apple Pie From Scratch
[x] Make Homemade Ice Cream
[ ] Make Money Blogging
[ ] Make Money On Youtube
[ ] Make Money Podcasting
[ ] Master My Emotions
[x] Max Out 401K Yearly
[x] Mediate Daily
[x] Meet Kelly Clarkson
[x] Move To Nashville, TN
[ ] Open An Etsy Store
[ ] Own 10+ Wooded Acres
[ ] Own A Downtown Nashville Condo
[ ] Own A Home
[x] Own A Pair Of TOMS
[ ] Own An Investment Property
[x] Own My Own Business

[ ] Perfect My Cursive Writing
[ ] Perfect The 60/20/20 Health Plan
[x] Perfect The No-Bake Cookie
[x] Pin Up A World Map
[x] Photo Bomb Someone
[ ] Play Bubble Ball
[ ] Practice Better Posture
[ ] Practice Daily Gratitude
[ ] Read All Nick Sparks Books
[ ] Read All Seth Godin Books
[ ] Record A Demo
[ ] Record A Music Video
[x] Record A Podcast
[ ] Record An Audio Book
[x] Record In An Official Recording Studio
[x] RECYCLE Consistently
[ ] Ride A Double-Decker Bus In London
[ ] Ride A Mechanical Bull
[x] Ride A Motorcycle
[ ] Ride An Elephant In Thailand
[ ] Ride The Trolly In San Francisco
[x] Roll In An Airplane
[x] Run A Half Marathon
[ ] Save Someone’s Life
[x] See A Downtown Drag Show
[x] See A Firefly
[x] See A Murder Mystery
[ ] See A Psychic
[x] See A Total Lunar Eclipse
[ ] See A Total Solar Eclipse
[x] See The Seahawks Win The Super Bowl
[x] Send A Message In A Bottle
[x] Send Away A Floating Lantern
[x] Shower Under A Waterfall
[x] Sign An Autograph
[x] Ski A Black Diamond
[x] Ski Sun Valley, Idaho
[x] Sleep In A Lookout Tower
[x] Sneak Into A Movie
[x] Start A Garden
[x] Stay At The Coeur d’Alene Resort
[ ] Swim In Every Ocean 2/4
[ ] Swim With Dolphins
[ ] Take A Cruise
[x] Take An All-Girl’s Vacation
[x] Take Up Spinning
[ ] Take Up Yoga
[ ] Take Up Zumba
[x] Taste Gelato
[x] Teach A Class On Goal Setting
[x] Throw A Great Party
[ ] Tour A Lighthouse
[ ] Tour A Real Castle
[x] Tour The Grand Ole’ Opry
[x] Travel Internationally Alone
[x] Try Chicken & Waffles
[x] Try In-N-Out
[ ] Try Archery
[x] Try Pancake Art
[x] Try Roller Derby
[x] Water-Walk In A Bubble

[ ] Fly In A Hot Air Balloon
[x] Go Backpacking
[ ] Go Sky Diving
[x] Hike To The Top Of A Mountain
[x] Jump Off The Las Vegas Stratosphere

[x] Attend The Kelly Clarkson Show
[ ] Go To Foam Fest

[ ] Have A Cartoon Logo

[x] Camping On The Beach
[x] Dancing At A Night Club
[x] Get A Professional Facial
[x] Get A Professional Massage
[x] Get A Henna Tattoo
[ ] Get A Sun Tattoo
[x] Get Engaged
[x] Get Married
[x] Get My Palm Read
[x] Go Glamping
[x]Go Ice Skating
[x] Go On A Road Trip
[x] Go On A Shopping Spree
[x] Go On An All-Inclusive Vacation
[x] Go Out Drinking
[x] Go Paddle Boarding
[ ] Go Paint-Balling
[x] Skinny Dipping

[ ] Complete SWEAT 12 Week Program
[ ] Have A Daily Workout Routine

[ ] Donate $1 Million to Cancer Research
[x] Donate Blood
[ ] Donate Bone Marrow
[ ] Donate Plasma
[ ] Grant A Make-A-Wish
[ ] Help The Red Cross
[x] Volunteer For Make-A-Wish

[ ] Have A ‘Green Thumb’
[ ] Learn A Full Dance Routine
[x] Learn To Invest
[ ] Learn To Lucid Dream
[x] Learn To Play Guitar
[x] Learn To Sew
[x] Learn To Ski
[x] Learn To Water Ski
[ ] Learn To Whistle
[x] Leave A Great Review

[x] Be 100% Debt Free
[x] Pay Off All Student Loans

[x] Audition For American Idol
[x] Audition For The Voice
[x] Duet With Kelly Clarkson

[x] Visit A Ghost Town
[x] Visit A Natural Hot Spring
[x] Visit A Wax Museum
[ ] Visit All 50 States 29/50
[ ] Visit An Original Speakeasy
[x] Visit Nashville, TN
[x] Visit ‘One Tree Hill’

[x] Watch A Drive-In Movie
[x] Watch All Chris Farley Movies
[x] Watch All Heath Ledger Movies
[x] Watch For Shooting Stars

[ ] Win A Blogging Award
[ ] Win A Singing Contest

[ ] Live To See A Cure For Cancer
[x] Live To See Gay Marriage Legal In All 50 States
[x] Witness A Marriage Proposal
[ ] Witness Aurora Borealis
[ ] Wrestle In A Sumo Suit

[ ] Journal Every Day
[x] Use A Typewriter
[ ] Write A Children’s Book
[ ] Write A Memoir
[ ] Write A Novel